RUMOR: Threats And Intimidation In Haddon Township

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The story of Haddon Township Commissioner Paul Dougherty just keeps getting bigger!

Multiple sources have told us there are now threats of lawsuits against Township residents speaking out on the Dougherty issue.

If true, this is BS and needs to stop.

Based on comments on social media that have been forwarded to us it appears the residents are fighting back. Good for the residents!

In one heated social media discussion a man who may or may not be involved in real estate, who might allegedly be a friend of Dougherty’s posted at least one comment about lawsuits. As we understand many of the comments have since been deleted but following is a piece of how residents are pushing back on those alleged threats.

We’re leaving the names out of this post because we didn’t ask permission to use their names. But this is one reply to the alleged threat of lawsuits:

not to be rude, but who the heck are you to tell people what they can and can’t talk about? I hope it does cause a frenzy in all honesty! The residents of HT deserve someone honest and ethical to make decisions for them. I don’t know this gentleman and he is probably a decent guy, but he broke the law and most likely needs to go get help for his problem. I can tell you from personal experience that the worst thing you can do is NOT talk about it, “brush it under the rug,” or ignore this behavior. This is a public forum where the good people of HT can talk about these kinds of things and get some facts (think of all the “rambling nonsense” that is going on outside of here). What’s wrong is wrong and the facts speak for themselves.

We had one source explain, “People have been getting phone calls with threats of criminal charges.” Furthermore, it’s been alleged that Dougherty may be coaching the guy who may or may not be involved in real estate.

As we were tracking down sources for this piece, one source replied, “Yes, I just received a message yesterday about it. Apparently they are threatening with lawsuits to those going against Dougherty.”

All this talk of threats and intimidation adds up to one thing. Tomorrow night’s commissioners meeting in Haddon Township has the potential of being very exciting.