Plot Thickens In Haddon Township

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This is the sixth time Haddon Township Commissioner Paul Dougherty, the elected official who crashed into a car and left the scene, gets a mention in this blog. Readers may recall Camden County Republicans called on Dougherty to resign from his post as a commissioner and as a municipal prosecutor in several towns.

Not only have the county Republicans called on Dougherty to step down, so have many residents in the Township. Some plan on attending the Township commission meeting on August 28 to ask him to resign. Silent in all of this are the county Democrats.

Why are county Democrats silent on all this? We now know Dougherty tried to pin his misdeeds on his wife. According to sources she wasn’t at the event the night of the accident at which Dougherty was allegedly seen drinking alcoholic beverages. Trying to throw his own wife under the bus reason is enough to stop protecting him.

Because at The Bob & Steve Show we believe family members are off limits we will never mention the name of Dougherty’s wife. Multiple sources in the Township have told us she is a very sweet lady. Unfortunately, she may be the reason Camden County Democrats have yet to tell Dougherty to resign. It turns out the father of Dougherty’s wife happens to be a man who was a somewhat powerful member of the Camco Democrat machine.

On top of having a former somewhat powerful member of the Camco Democrat machine as a father-in-law, multiple sources have informed The Bob & Steve Show that Dougherty’s wife holds a job in Camden County Clerk Joe Ripa’s office.

A former somewhat powerful member of the Camco Democrat machine as a father-in-law and a wife with a job in the County Clerk’s office. Are these the reasons Camco Democrats have yet to call on Haddon Township Commissioner Paul Dougherty to resign?

We’re waiting for answers.