Haddon Township Documents From A Citizen's OPRA Request

Paul Dougherty

Paul Dougherty

We can't seem to escape the saga of Haddon Township Commissioner Paul Dougherty and his hit and run accident. Not only is he a commissioner, Dougherty is also the municipal prosecutor in Cherry Hill, Clementon and Gloucester City. He should have known better than to (a) be driving on an expired license and (b) leave the scene of an accident.

It turns out rumors the Commissioner initially tried to blame his wife were true. He told the Police Chief his wife hit the other car and left the scene. This email, obtained through an OPRA request proves this to be true:

The second document is the official police report:

And finally, we have the official police activity logs from the night of the accident:

And, there you have it, all the information necessary to prove we haven't been wrong to stay on top of this story.