How Did This Guy Survive Grade School

David Schlick from his Facebook page

David Schlick from his Facebook page

Yesterday I saw an headline, “His opponent called him ‘Baldilocks’ behind his back, so now elected official may sue for $1M.

The headline made me laugh, so I clicked and I read the article and I’m still laughing.

Apparently, an elected member of the Little Egg Harbor Township Committee, David Schlick, is pretty serious about suing another member of the Township Committee, John Kehm, given the fact Schlick filed a Notice of Tort Claims with the Township clerk. For what it’s worth, Schlick is a Democrat and Kehm is a Republican.

From the article:

"Harassment -- bullying -- many occasions of making fun of the way I look, the way I walk, what I wear," Schlick wrote in the notice. "Some inappropriate comments about my fiance as well as my daughter. Name calling -- called me a midget, called me Baldilocks. Tells me I have bad breathe. Makes fun of me for going gray, calls me an old man. It goes on and on. It is never ending. It has created a hostile work environment. [Township Attorney Jean] Cipriani has witnessed some of it and has allegedly warned him. To no avail."

Before I continue, if the allegations of inappropriate comments about Schlick’s fiancé and daughter are true that’s out-of-bounds. Family members are off limits. Period.

As to the rest of this stuff Schlick wants $1 million because he was called names. This is a guy who has photos on his Facebook page showing off his muscles, and his fanny pack. A fanny pack just begs to be made fun of. “Baldilocks” is just funny.

Schlick calls all this stuff “bullying.” When I was in grade school, even high school, we called it teasing. Bob and I say worse things to each other every Saturday morning before we go on the air. It’s teasing!

Perhaps Mr. Schlick isn’t familiar with the saying, “Politics is a blood sport.” Maybe he’s just a really sensitive guy. Either way, for a guy with so many muscles he’s not very tough.

So, Mr. Schlick, my advice to you is toughen up, and, if you really do have bad breath buy some mints.