Joe Pennacchio Is The Transparency Guy

State Senator Joe Pennacchio

State Senator Joe Pennacchio

This past Tuesday, State Senator Joe Pennacchio, after an Associated Press report that showed state agency performance reports previously promised to be updated monthly would be updated quarterly, renewed his call for transparency in state government.

Joe Pennacchio is the transparency guy, he’s been pushing for government transparency for years. He talked about it in 2008 when he ran for U.S. Senate, he pushed for it as an assemblyman and he continues to push for it in the state Senate. We need more elected officials willing to fight for government transparency.

No one should want to stand in the way of government transparency. We agree with Pennacchio when he says, in his press release, “Transparency is an essential public instrument that holds government officials accountable for how they spend taxpayer dollars.”

Here’s hoping other legislators will join Pennacchio in his fight for more government transparency. You can view his entire press release here.