Atlantic County Democrats Issue “Call To Action: Seth Grossman”

Seth Grossman

Seth Grossman

There’s an old saying, “Be careful what you wish for.” Given the fact the day after winning the Republican primary in the 2nd Congressional District Seth Grossman took a walk on the beach in Atlantic City to clear his head one can assume not even he expected to win that race.

Grossman won, national Republicans aren’t happy about it and Atlantic County Democrats are less happy.

In fact, Atlantic County Democrats are so unhappy with Seth Grossman they sent an email blast a week ago that said, “It’s time to oust the Grossman Republicans this year.”

How do they intend to do that? Apparently with some sort of protest at this afternoon’s Atlantic County Freeholder meeting. In their email they ask readers to “Attend the next Freeholder meeting and tell the Republicans to withdraw their support for Seth Grossman. The next meeting is Tuesday, July 17 at 4:00 p.m. at the Stillwater Building on Shore Road in Northfield.”

The Grossman campaign is obviously aware of the Democrats’ email. His campaign sent their own email telling supporters, “I just saw a “CALL TO ACTION” email for Atlantic County Democrats. They are told to protest against me and our five Republican freeholders tomorrow at 4pm.”

Grossman, never one to back down, tells supporters, “If you agree with me, please stand with me at 201 Shore Road in Northfield tomorrow at 4pm. If you don’t have a sign, I have plenty!”

This could be an exciting Freeholder meeting.