Allegations Of Potential Official Misconduct

Robert Austino (Source: Facebook)

Robert Austino (Source: Facebook)

Allegations of potential official misconduct may be looming for Cumberland County Sheriff Robert Austino.

We here at the Bob and Steve Show are out in front of this and have firsthand information regarding this matter. The allegation consists of Austino using his office in a personal matter, not official business of his office, to provide security and intimidation. OPRA requests have been submitted to corroborate these allegations.

As always, Sheriff Austino is welcomed and encouraged to call into our show 856-696-0092 or submit a blog post to add to or clear up these allegations.

(Editor Note) Although we are right leaning, we stand on fundamental principal. We have called out Republicans for similar actions as alleged here. We are law enforcement supporters however we will and have called out and revealed wrong doing (example: former Salem County Sheriff Candidate and Sheriff Deputy Robert Gant). Gant who also was alleged of official wrong doing. Gant was found and proven guilty of beating a helpless inmate in his custody. The Bob and Steve Show broke this story. Gant lost his election bid to the high office.

We will keep our listeners and readers updated as more information becomes available on this breaking story.