BREAKING NEWS: Legal Document Confirms Robert Gant “Intended To Engage In An Altercation” And “Falsified Reports Concerning The Incident Which Constitutes Conduct Unbecoming A Public Official”

Bob Gant

Bob Gant

Thanks to an Open Public Records Act request submitted by Salem County resident Katie Coleman forwarded to The Bob & Steve Show we can now confirm Salem County Sheriff candidate Robert Gant was indeed terminated “as a Corrections Officer within the Salem County Jail.

The document provided, Docket No. CSV 5577-91, is clear, “Appellant, Robert Gant, was terminated from his position as a Corrections Officer at the Salem County Jail as a result of charges that he assaulted an inmate, filed a false report and engaged in conduct unbecoming an officer.” The document continues, “In sum, these charges consisted of assault and battery on an inmate, filing of a false report, conduct unbecoming a public official and official misconduct.”

After reading the provided document I’m certain Gant supporters, who have frequently attacked The Bob & Steve Show as providing “fake news” with regard to Gant, are going to latch on to the portion of the document that states, “Inmate B.M., together with the other inmates in the holding cell, had been especially abusive to the guards during the course of the day.” The fact is, Bunyan Mills admitted on our radio show last week that he acted like a “knucklehead.”

Mills’ account of the event does ring true as the document states, “Officer Bradford was asked by appellant to pull B.M. out of the holding cell to see if, ‘he had anything to back up his mouth’. Prior to giving Officer Bradford this order, appellant had removed his shirt.”

The report is clear that Gant asked an officer to falsify a report, “Officer Bradford then related that he had been asked to falsify a report and that an inmate, B.M., had been intentionally assaulted by appellant.”

No matter how one reads this document the facts are clear, Gant assaulted an inmate and worked with others to cover it up and even attempted to intimidate another officer into sticking with the story (page 6 of the document). One can argue over exactly how big a “knucklehead” a 19-year-old Mills was, but one cannot argue that he deserved to be beaten to the point of unconsciousness.

The facts are The Bob & Steve Show did not provide “fake news” and Gant was what one would consider a bad cop back in the day.

You can view the entire document below: