It Appears Two More South Jersey Democrats Have “Issues” With Law Enforcement

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In a story broken by WPG’s Mayor of the Morning, Harry Hurley, it appears Atlantic City Mayor Frank M. Gilliam and Atlantic City Councilman Jeffree Fauntleroy II were involved in an “incident” at an Atlantic City casino nightclub early this morning.

Hurley reports, “Multiple well placed sources have told me that there are allegedly videos showing Gilliam punching and choking a female Security Officer.”

Screenshot of Harry Hurley’s Facebook post

Screenshot of Harry Hurley’s Facebook post

The Press of Atlantic City backs up Hurley’s reporting that charges have been filed:

Fauntleroy said he was made aware of a complaint signed against the two officials Sunday morning after being sent a text message with a picture of the document from a reporter but no law enforcement official has contacted him about the matter.

The signed complaints include allegations of simple assault and harassment.

"It's kind of just mind boggling from a verbal argument now being complaints signed," Fauntleroy said. "I don't really understand. But it's politics. Everything is blown out of proportion in Atlantic City."

In early October The Bob & Steve Show wrote about flawed politicians who have had some sort of “issue” with law enforcement within the past year. Three of those politicians were Democrats and we pointed out how Democratic Party officials were silent on their three flawed politicians while the Republicans disavowed their candidate who had issues. Now we’re left to wonder if Democratic Party officials will sit silent on this latest round of Democrats gone wild.

Stay tuned! We’re sure there will be to come on this.