Newspaper’s Non-Endorsement Could Be Good For Grossman

Seth Grossman

Seth Grossman

It’s no secret newspapers have used a lot of ink attacking Republican congressional candidate Seth Grossman since he won the primary in June. They’ve pretty much all been sucking up to the Democrat’s candidate for congress, state Senator Jeff Van Drew.

This makes yesterday’s Atlantic City Press’ non-endorsement, dare we say big news. Despite what the polls say Grossman has a path to victory and the Press, choosing not to endorse, helps.

In their non-endorsement, the Press wrote:

Both met with The Press editorial board this month and made clear the contrast with each other goes deep.

Van Drew said his leading concerns are maintaining Social Security, Medicare and health care, while strengthening programs for veterans and cybersecurity.

Grossman favors enforcing immigration laws, repealing Obama administration mandates, upholding 2nd Amendment gun rights and reducing taxes and regulations.

Obviously, Grossman is the conservative in that comparison. Given the left-leaning tilt of our state government it’ll be good to have a South Jersey congressman to oppose Governor Phil Murphy’s wish to make New Jersey a sanctuary state and his attacks on law-abiding gun owners. It’s a safe bet we couldn’t depend on Van Drew to use the bully pulpit of a seat in the House of Representatives to oppose Murphy.

We have never hid from the fact The Bob & Steve Show leans far to the right of the political spectrum, so it is obvious we prefer Grossman. We also support President Donald Trump. And we recognize that both have made statements they probably should not have made. That doesn’t mean anyone should ignore any of the good either has done or intends to do.

And, despite most of the area’s newspapers constant attacks on Grossman, he has done good as an elected official in the past. In yesterday’s non-endorsement, the Press pointed out:

Grossman’s main success in his much shorter time in office was also bipartisan, working as a councilman with then-Mayor Jim Whelan to restrain spending in Atlantic City for four years, allowing its economy to flourish. He said he tried to do likewise as a freeholder but wasn’t successful.

The point in that statement is that Grossman is willing to work across the aisle for the greater good. That means Democrats should not be afraid to vote for Grossman nor should Republicans who may have been turned off by some of the attacks on Grossman from the mainstream media.

There’s still time for Grossman to pull a win out of his hat. We hope he does.