Bob Menendez’s “Bullshit” Remark Proves He And His Supporters Are Full Of It


U.S. Senator Bob Menendez made a lot of news for calling the FBI’s supplemental investigation into Brett Kavanaugh “Bullshit.” Let’s call Menendez’s remarks what they were, an effort to keep women and anti-Trump voters excited. That’s what his “Bullshit” remark had to be. His claim that he has “always defended women” is false. If you don’t believe me go ask the young women he helped get visas for to come to America to visit their sugar daddy, his best friend Salomon Melgen.

Menendez has no choice other than doing everything he possibly can to keep women and anti-Trump voters excited, he’s in the battle of his life.

Polls indicate Menendez has strong support among women, so the Kavanaugh issue is the perfect opportunity for Menendez to keep women in his column.

What makes absolutely no sense is that women support Menendez at all, that they buy into the “his record has always defended women” argument. That argument, to quote Menendez, is Bullshit!

I know of no woman on the face of this earth who would argue that a man who helped bring young women into this country to spend time with their married sugar daddy is a defender of women.

Make no mistake, Menendez did exactly that. I didn’t say it, Menendez’s own lawyers conceded it as fact.

Getting his married friend Salomon Melgen’s young girlfriends into the country was so important that the visa inquiries showed up in Menendez’s weekly staff reports. From the New York Post:

Prosecutors also introduced one of Lopes’ weekly staff reports showing that he placed the “Melgen visa inquiry” on a status report to the senator — alongside global issues like “Cuba Policy” and a “Pakistan/Afghanistan meeting.”

Yeah, that sounds like a guy who has “always defended women.”

I get it, women hate President Trump. My own mother hates Trump and isn’t happy about my support of the President, but she’s also smart enough to recognize that Menendez supporters are being untruthful when they say he has “always defended women.” A lot of men hate Trump too. I freely admit I came very close to voting for Gary Johnson for president, though on October 31, 2016 I filled out my mail-in ballot for Trump. The important thing to remember is Donald Trump is not on the ballot, no matter how much Menendez wants him on it.

Women need to remember, TRUMP IS NOT ON THE BALLOT. Women need to remember, MENENDEZ HAS NOT ALWAYS BEEN A DEFENDER OF WOMEN. Quite the opposite, he helped a married dirty old man exploit women and his own lawyers conceded that fact.