There’s A Dougherty Connection To The Clementon Whistleblower Suit

Paul Dougherty

Paul Dougherty

The saga of former Haddon Township Commissioner Paul Dougherty has more twists and turns than a cheap garden hose!

Yesterday reported on a whistleblower suit filed by a “long-time” Clementon Police officer. It’s a well-written piece with a lot of he said, she said type stuff. What really caught my attention was the following:

“In addition to Grover and the borough, the suit names Mayor Thomas Weaver, Councilmen Mark Armbruster and Jonathan Fisher, Administrator and Clerk Jenai Johnson, and former police chief Randal Freiling.”

Clerk Jenai Johnson also happens to be the part-time township clerk in Haddon Township. Paul Dougherty, as you may recall, was the prosecutor in Clementon and sources allege Dougherty recommended Johnson for the job in Haddon Township.

It’s just another twist in the Dougherty saga.

AND, IN OTHER DOUGHERTY NEWS: Dougherty’s hit and run court appearance has been postponed because the victim did not receive her subpoena in timely manner. The court appearance will be rescheduled.