Challenger Sheriff Candidate Gets Paid To Campaign. Is He Costing Salem County Taxpayers Money?

Bob Gant (from Facebook)

Bob Gant (from Facebook)

The race for Salem County Sheriff is becoming a heated contest. Incumbent Sheriff Chuck Miller is being challenged for the first time ever and that challenge is coming from a lieutenant in the Sheriff’s Department, Bob Gant. There’s a reason Miller hasn’t faced a challenge - he does an excellent job. I have never met a person who has said a negative word about Sheriff Miller and that includes my neighbor who spent a little time in the Salem County Jail.

The thing is, sources watching this race have confirmed Gant has been “on leave” since some time in August. Sources say Gant has been collecting personal and/or vacation pay since going on leave. This is funny coming from a guy who is campaigning on reducing the “size of county government.” One would think that a lieutenant in the Sheriff’s Department who wants to be sheriff might actually go to work. Nope! Not Gant.

If Gant isn’t showing up for work doesn’t that mean someone else has to do his job while he isn’t there? And, if someone has to do his job it is likely there is some overtime pay involved, meaning Gant is costing county taxpayers money to run his campaign. So much for reducing the size of county government.

Let’s not forget that as President of the Salem County Superior Officers Association Gant negotiated the contract that allows him to get paid vacation and/or personal time for not going to work while he campaigns.

If Sheriff Miller can go to work every day, why can’t Gant? It’s a fair question and Gant needs to explain to voters why he chooses not to go to work, possibly costing taxpayers money. He certainly doesn’t appear to be worried about shrinking “the size of county government for the sake of the taxpayers,” which he claims he intends to do.

Frankly, Gant sounds like he’s practicing politics as usual.