Van Drew And Grossman Debate

Jeff Van Drew/Seth Grossman

Jeff Van Drew/Seth Grossman

State Senator Jeff Van Drew and Seth Grossman finally debated. I was excited to see this debate, unfortunately I had to pretend to be an auto mechanic, somewhat successfully, no spare parts and only broke one small un-needed piece. But enough of that!

So, thanks to tonight’s debate winner, SNJ Today, I was able to watch on YouTube.

The tone was set in the opening statements.

Jeff Van Drew: “Do we want our news to look like a reality TV show every night?”

Seth Grossman: “I support President Trump. That’s why I’m running. I want to give him a strong majority of Republicans in Congress.”

There were some other highlights that most of you likely already read on InsiderNJ or New Jersey Globe, so I’ll spare you.

Like most debates, I’m fairly certain nobody changed their minds, there was no knock out blow. Nikita Biryukov at New Jersey Globe captured the event nicely writing, in part:

During the tense-hour-long event that included occasionally-heated exchanges over topics like immigration and taxes, Grossman reiterated support for President Donald Trump and his policies while Van Drew walked the moderate line so tightly it would have been difficult to tell which party he belonged to had his party affiliation not appeared in a chyron at the start of the event.

If you missed the debate, here it is, courtesy of the folks at SNJ Today