Here We Go Again: Drivers Licenses For Illegal Aliens


This is what happens when you live in a Sanctuary State! People feel emboldened and believe it’s okay to call on government to reward bad behavior.

Apparently, 100+ Latino leaders saw fit to issue a press release yesterday and a letter urging legislative leadership to pass driver’s license legislation immediately. Issuing driver licenses immediately, at least to those who signed the letter, means expanding “access to driver’s licenses to all New Jerseyans, regardless of immigration status.”

In other words the folks who signed the letter want illegal aliens to get driver driver’s licenses in New Jersey.

We’ve talked about this before on The Bob & Steve Show and written about it here on the blog.

We’ve pointed to several instances of criminals inventing new crimes in some states that allow illegal aliens to get driver’s licenses. For example, there was the group of folks making $30,000 a month helping folks fraudulently obtain New Mexico driver’s licenses.

An interpreter in Vermont, along with a partner, was charging people $1,000 to fraudulently obtain a license. In Maryland, “the state issued hundreds of fraudulent driver’s licenses designed for immigrants in the country without legal documentation, a recent audit found.

And, in in Illinois six guys were arrested for trying to fraudulently obtain driver’s licenses. The list goes on.

Obviously, the well-meaning folks demanding New Jersey allow illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses don’t care that there are criminals who will take advantage of the situation. They don’t care that it’s an invitation for more crime to occur in New Jersey.

In their letter, the folks demanding driver’s licenses for illegal aliens write:

About 168,000 kids have at least one undocumented parent; these kids deserve the same
opportunities as any child in the Garden State, but when their parents can’t access a driver’s license, they are left at a disadvantage.

How does a parent without a driver’s license place a kid at a disadvantage? I have an illegal alien neighbor and trust me the kids in that house are not at a disadvantage. There are four cars at that house, the mother, two daughters and the illegal alien “husband” (when he’s there and not hiding from our landlord) all have cars. Those kids nearly always have a ride readily available. And, their mother only pays $118 per month out-of-pocket for rent with the balance coming from “assistance.” I know this to be true because my LEGAL immigrant landlord for some reason thinks that because I lived in New Mexico that I speak Spanish and had me attempt to act as an interpreter when my neighbor signed her lease. I count only paying $118 per month out-of-pocket for rent as an advantage.

Allowing illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses is a dumb idea that has led to additional crime in other states that allow it. Children of parents without driver’s licenses are not placed at a disadvantage.

Bottom line, all this yelling about granting illegal immigrants the right to obtain a New Jersey driver’s license is just more phony left-wing outrage.