Finally! Someone Is Listening To Us And Saying That “It Just Might Be That The Worst Place For A Woman To Work - Is For Phil Murphy”

Governor Phil Murphy

Governor Phil Murphy

In a press release Saturday (my apologies for not posting it, but I was busy with my day job designing campaign mail) NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt, who had already called for a legislative investigation into the allegations of sexual misconduct by a former member of Governor Phil Murphy’s administration, Albert Alvarez, said, "The scope of the investigation into Murphy's hiring practices and the working conditions he's allowed to exist should be expanded to include his tenure at Goldman Sachs and his ownership at Sky Blue FC."

At this blog, we’ve made mention of the mistreatment of the women playing for Sky Blue FC in ten different posts – and we’ve only been blogging since July 16.

In one particular post we questioned why New Jersey’s press was letting Murphy off the hook about his mistreatment of women. We promised, “If New Jersey’s press is going to continue to let Murphy off the hook for the horrible treatment of the women on his soccer team and his hypocrisy on pay and gender equality then The Bob & Steve Show will do our best to keep reminding New Jerseyans of the BS Murphy is feeding us.”

In another piece on August 16 I wrote (with links provided):

The problem is it appears Phil Murphy applies a bit of a double standard when it comes to sexual harassment.

You may recall, on this blog we quoted a ThinkProgress report that stated, “While some players dealt with makeshift windows, others were forced to couch surf with roommates during the season because of a lack of provided housing. The unluckiest, though, were forced to ‘live with an elderly man who repeatedly made inappropriate comments to the players and made them feel uncomfortable.’” ThinkProgress got this trinket from The Equalizer.

The thing is “…an elderly man who repeatedly made inappropriate comments to the players and made them feel uncomfortable” sounds a lot like sexual harassment to me. Sure, I’m guessing the “inappropriate comments” were sexual in nature, but as a former gambler I would take that bet. I have two sisters – I know exactly what “inappropriate comments” that make women “feel uncomfortable” means and so does every other person reading this.

What has Murphy said about having made, and for all we know is still making, women live with harassment? NOTHING! Why? Because the New Jersey press continues to let him off the hook on the issue of his soccer team.

The New Jersey press hasn’t written a word about Murphy’s soccer team’s mistreatment of women since July 20. Here at The Bob & Steve Show we never gave up. Maybe, thanks to Chairman Steinhardt the mainstream press will finally do something. If not the press, maybe the legislature.

These most recent calls for investigations into Murphy’s administration do leave me wondering if sexual harassment is simply accepted in the NJ Democratic Party. None of them have a problem with the fact U.S. Senator Bob Menendez helped women get into the country to see their sugar daddy and it appears no one really had a problem with alleged sexual misconduct on Murphy’s campaign or in the administration until those allegations became public.

New Jersey has to do better!